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What is Pickle Punch?

by Angela King |

 After months of searching for the right company name back in 2012, the words Pickle Punch finally came to me in a daydream.

 It went like this: Imagine a beautiful sunny day. You’re in a lush green park with your family and best friends. The air is fresh, the trees are swaying in a warm breeze and there are birds chirping. A picnic is about to commence, and there is good conversation and laughter in the air as everyone has left their worries and work behind them for an afternoon. The adults are playful just like the kids, and there isn’t a phone in sight. There will be frisbee, playground time, maybe even a game of croquet, and lots of relaxing on the grass just catching up with everyone. The homemade food looks delicious, too! There are grandma’s cupcakes, watermelon from the farmers’ market, aunty Judy’s famous grape jelly, the smell of BBQ, and a fresh batch of thirst-quenching Pickle Punch laid out for the kids. There’s nothing like being outside with good old Mother Nature and great company! One day, this will be a day we will all look back on and smile.

 This visual is what Pickle Punch is all about.: The thirst-quenching punch became my made up metaphor for fun, expression, compassion and a little bit of cheekiness.

“When people say what’s your company name, and we say, “Pickle Punch”, there is always a giggle or at least an eyebrow raised. The word pickle on it’s own is already a funny word to say, and adding punch just …well, it punches it up a bit.”

 So there you have it! We've been asked many times, "What is Pickle Punch?" over the years, and now it's all laid down. It's a bit silly really, just like us.

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