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Scratch n' Sniff Greeting Cards are here!

by Angela King |

Remember the days of Scratch n' Sniff stickers?! Remember the gasoline one? Hahaha! That so wouldn't fly with today's parents would it? Remember Cabbage patch kids, Light Brites, Garbage Pail Collectable cards, and Strawberry Shortcake too? Maybe your an 80's child, or had a sibling that was, and you played with their stuff. What ever the case, if you have a fond memory of these toys then you're just like me, and probably get excited about anything scratch n' sniff.

For the longest time I wanted to figure out how we could incorporate a scratch n' sniff element in to our Pickle Punch products. A huge part of the art we are creating is already centered around nature, animals, and growing up in Canada, and how our 5 senses trigger memories from our childhood. So figuring out a way to stimulate as many senses as possible when experiencing Pickle Punch artwork is all part of achieving the long term goal, one sense at a time!

So when I found out we could add Scratch n' Sniff stickers to our current designs without compromising the design, I was pretty much like a little kid again, jumping up and down and shouting Yeehoo! After a lot of research and narrowing down scents and scent printers, we came up with a good solution. We are starting with just 5 scents on 20 or more card designs that are begging for delicious smells!

Cedar, Vanilla, Lilac, Birthday Cake, and Airy Fresh scratch n' sniff cards are now available!

Follow your nose!


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