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Birds birds birds!!! Tweet tweet!

by Angela King |

Seeing the work in progress or the "how to" of a peice of artwork can be sometimes captivating. I love seeing how an artist gets from a thumbnail in a sketchbook to a finished colored, ready-to-hang, picture.

The newest Pickle Punch prints are going to feature birds. Arctic Terns to be more specific. We love the shape and stark contrast of these lovely winged creatures, and how their bright red beaks stand out against their black and white feathers.

There will be a whole family tree of terns for our new 16x20" Limited Edition Print , and there will also be smaller individual bird characters featured in 5x6" format. These will look lovely displayed in 3's or 5's, or take the entire family home in a larger, heirloom quality, print. All easily framed in standard or IKEA frames.


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