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Where the MAGIC happens!

by Angela King |

In a mostly damp and little corner of East Vancouver, there is a house. On top of this house sits a triangle-shaped studio, like freshly scooped vanilla ice cream sits a top its cone; or maybe it's more like chocolate ice cream. Either way, there are delicious matters occurring in a space where the walls are at 25 degree angles to each other, and where two people bump their heads once or twice a day.

A bump on the head can be attributed to an Eureka! moment, but most of the time it requires a four letter word. Since we are a business for children though, we usually find a suitable alternative to #$*& of course and say Fudge or Snickerdoodle or even Sufferin’ Succotash, in homage to our favorite feline cartoon Sylvester. However, when one of us has a moment of what seems like shear brilliance, we try to be seated in room center, so that there is ample room to jump up for joy and shout, "By George, I think I've got it!"

Not all days are fortunate enough to be blessed by moments of brilliance though I'm afraid. In fact, there are many days when we go a bit stir crazy because of all the sitting and concentrating. We've learned that the best remedy for this is to pop your head outside for a bit of fresh air. 

Here is Mike feeling particularly squirrely one afternoon, and he felt the need to fill his lungs with fresh air. That's our little Triangle Studio where the PICKLE PUNCH is made.


Ok now get back inside and get back to work my squirrely husband! 

Just kidding of course.

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