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How a line becomes a Moose

by Angela King |

 When we are designing a brand new print it can often take a while. Even a month isn't uncommon for the turn-around time on a new peice of art, before it goes to the printer. I wanted to share a few work in progress stages and photos with you over the next couple of weeks that unravel the creation of a Moose print,  from scribbling down first idea drawings right through to a finished character, and then coming up with the composition, to color decisions, and then finally the finished print. 

 There are so many decisions that have to be made with each new character and print on the art side, and we also like our characters to have a back story so that they truly feel real and hopefully come alive on the paper. The prints are a way for us to introduce new characters to you, and we will also use them later when we begin making children's books. Having a solid story and history to each character means going through revision after revision, and sometimes throwing out what we have and starting over from scratch again, until we have it right.

Here are some of the rough sketches and line drawings from our latest print we are working on. As you can see it will feature a Moose, as well as some other bird creatures that will come in to the composition a bit later. When we are first coming up a new character and playing with ideas, we draw everything out with pencil on 8x10 paper first. This usually takes a few weeks and there may be anywhere from 100 - 200 sketches of character designs before we are happy with the look and feel of it.

This Moose has gone though over 200 iterations and this picture just shows a small portion of the WIP drawings that we have made so far. You can see on the right that we started introducing some birds to the drawings to see how it will look when we put together the composition. The moose has gone from young to mature, and has had big changes made to his antlers and facial expression.


We think we have a nice Moose character now, and we are ready to move on to the bird designs.....



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