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Featured on the awesome blog : The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse

by Angela King |

Back at the end of August, we were asked by the lovely Stella, a stella-r parent with a knack for gorgeous photos, writing, and planning the most interesting parties for children I've ever seen, to be reviewed at her popular blog, The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse. At first I was a little hesitant of being reviewed by someone I'd never met before, and that I was going to be shelling out some good coin to donate artwork to someone all the way around the earth. This was our first time being approached by someone with a blog, and I'll admit to being intrigued by the notion of being reviewed by another artist and writer.

Once I started looking over Stella's beautiful inspiring blog, I almost started to melt in to my laptop screen. She has a way of capturing a moment in time, and making it feel instanly nostalgic, but also like you were there too as part of the party, as a visiting aunt or something. The pages and pages of children playing make believe in the lush New Zealand landscape, are enough to make you want to pack up your life and move there too!

After I poured over her entire collection of photographs and writing for the past few months, (because I couldn't help myself) I really felt like I knew Stella and we were just two Mothers on the opposite side of the planet from each other, trying to create something truly special and hopefully remarkable. The trust became instant, and I started packing up our "Everyday Dragon" Giclee print to ship out to her for review.

Here is what followed after it arrived...


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