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What We Do

 By offering you our stationery and print line we want to encourage the relationship between people, animals, and nature through illustrations that can be shared with and enjoyed by all the family. Our art products offer a humorous and nostalgic take on woodland creatures, imagined beasties, and the curious and appreciative relationship we have with them. Our goal is for Pickle Punch to act as a vehicle for sharing your memories of times gone by, and for living in anticipation and enjoyment of what’s happening right now, together.

In late 2012 Pickle Punch was born. It bloomed from the simple idea that people who connect more with nature are happier and healthier. The majority of us today live in cities and struggle to get out to green spaces because our hectic lives are taking precedence over time spent together in the great outdoors. Research shows that regular immersion in natural settings like parks and woodlands and interaction with animals, lowers blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels and boosts immunity.


Hence, Nature = GOOD for You and Me.

So THE BIG QUESTION for us was how could we bring that connection with nature back into our lives? How could we take our combined decades of art and animation experience, deep love of the outdoors, and value of family and connect them in a meaningful unique way that we could share with everyone who crossed our path?

We found the answer was two fold:

1) Create Pickle Punch!

2) Get outside with family and breath the fresh air, no matter what the weather and connect with the world around us.

 The pairing of nature themed art and illustration with getting outside to be inspired and reconnect with the elements, as well as taking time everyday to laugh and have fun with family has changed our lives for the better. We hope that by sharing our Pickle Punch line of illustrations with you, we can inspire you to do the same.

 Pickle Punch is about fun (with family),

Expression (being yourself)

Compassion (for each other, animals, and nature)

Cheekiness (Let’s not take life too seriously)

 But don’t just take our word for it.

Meet the furry, prickly, and fire-breathing beasties of our stationery line

to see for yourself the magic of

the Pickle Punch Bunch!