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Make it! Vancouver! We made the cut!

 Make it! Vancouver has accepted us in to their Holiday market for 2013! This is HUGE news for us, as it will be our first show ever! When I got the acceptance email from them, Mike and I were already holding glasses of wine and it was a perfect opportunity to cheer and have a big hug. 

Woot! Woot! We realized we were about to embark on a whole new chapter in Pickle Punch's spectrum; taking our business from online and a few local shops, straight to the the people!

After the initial excitement settled, I started to panic; which is totally me, and I use it to my advantage to get things done mostly. What to do now! Only 3 months to prepare, ack!

Some questions that popped in my mind immediately were:

1. What are we going to do for our booth space? Presentation is key!

2. How are we going to stand out, and look organized and still modern and funky, which is a big part of the overall style of Make it! 

3. How will people pay with credit cards? What company should I use. Time to research.

4. How much inventory will we need at the show? Maybe we can have a new print that's just for Make it!

5. What will I do for child care? Will it just be me at the booth 11 hours a day, while my husband looks after our little guy? Pee breaks?

6. What kind of special offers can we have just for the Make it! Vancouver customers?

....and so on, and so on....

How exciting! Our first show!!! The initial joy returned as I realized we can do this! It will be a creative journey preparing , and we'll learn lots along the way, and hopefully meet tons of lovely shop owners and Vancouverites coming through the show in November and December.

Ok. Breathe. 

This will be marvelous.

Time to get to work. 

Up until the show I will be documenting ALL our preparations for Make it! The Handmade Revolution, which takes place from Nov'28th - Dec1st /2013.

Pictured above are the items I will need to get started on a PICKLE PUNCH Shop sign, and for creating boxes with our logo, and wooden display items for showing artwork.

There is a great little shop on Broadway in Kitsilano called Stepback. They sell vintage wooden boxes , amongst other wonderful old items. I picked up 3 solid boxes there, as I thought they will be perfect for housing prints, and will make flipping through our 11"x14" and 8"x10" prints a breeze instead of a chore. I want stencil our logo on the front of each and sand them down and fit the bottoms with a child friendly, funky material.

Value Village is a great spot for finding things to convert into interesting displays. Luckily there is one a 10 minute walk away from us. I picked up the old shoe polishing box, and the wooden little doll's crib there for under $10. What a steal! Both of them just need a little customizing to our needs for the show, and they will good to go! 

For our shop sign, I want to make some bunting that will cover at least a 10 foot booth. I looked through Pinterest for ideas, and came up with something unique, that will hopefully suit our little shop. The sign should be playful, colorful and also use natural elements. I've never seen any bunting made out of wood, and I remembered ages ago seeing some very thin cut-table wood sheets from the best store ever on Main st, called Urban Source. They carry a large collection of discarded and discontinued items from businesses. They are great for children's art projects and for any mixed media project you may be doing. So I picked up enough wooden sheets to make the letters of our sign.

Finally, I took a trip to Dressew on W. Hastings St. They are the mecca for cloth, buttons, zippers and costume supplies in Vancouver. It's kind of a funny old fashioned store where you can spend hours just coming up with reasons why you need something from there, even if you don't. Lucky for me I DID need colorful cloth samples to make the letters for our sign and to line our wooden boxes. What a blast I had in there I tell ya!

Time to get busy making stuff!