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Giclée Definition 
pronounced (jee · clay or zhee - clay) derived from the French term meaning "spray of ink".  The Giclée process creates one of the finest digital prints that can be created from an original.  

What is a Giclée Print?
A Giclée print is a reproduction of a work of fine art using archival media, archival inks and high-resolution inkjet printing techniques. 

Our Prints: Fine Art Archival Paper:

We use Red River 100% Cotton Rag Paper to print on.
This fine art paper is acid-free with an excellent archive lifetime of over 120 years.  It is 100% cotton rag for long-term durability. It is also FSC Approved for sustainability. You can feel the strength and quality when you run your hand over he surface. (We are paper nuts over here)

Pickle Punch prints are all printed from home on our AMAZING Epson 3880 professional printer! That way we can print on demand and also get to be control freaks over every detail.


-   Artwork printed on archival paper requires extra care when handling, as it folds and creases easily.

-   Please take extra care when pulling your print out of the shipping tube and when framing. Using a thumb and index finger, grasp the entire roll and pull towards you, and it will slide out easily.

-   The printed surface should not be touched, as dirt and oils may damage the image

 -  Therefore, prints should be framed under glass or plexi-glass using acid-free mounting materials and kept out of direct sunlight for increased longevity.

Greeting Cards

All of our greeting cards are printed on FSC certified 100% recycled card stock at a local green print shop. Envelopes are also 100% recycled.


-  Do not hang your prints in areas of extreme heat variations and humidity such as bathrooms (unless you are putting glass over it, and have a good fan) or directly above radiators. If the relative humidity keeps on changing then the print will expand and contract.


Pickle Punch participate in every step of the creation of the prints and approve the proofs and techniques utilized in the production of greeting cards; every print is personally inspected and approved as an authentic and accurate reproduction of our originals. For purposes of authenticity and value, each print is autographed and numbered in pencil by the artist(s). All our cards have the pickle punch logo on the back.

Framing Ideas - Do it Yourself

All of our paper prints fit into Standard Imperial Frames with the mats we provide, as well as Metric Frames like IKEA RIBBA frames as an example, as long as you use their framing Mat that comes with the frame.  If you use a standard frame measured in inches then you can use our supplied framing mat that come with our mid-range and small prints. Our larger prints come in a poster roll, and look best framed with a mat. Framing mats often come with Do-It-Yourself frames.

Stores including Michael's , Home Outfitters, Opus, Paint Spot, De Serres, Ikea, Chapters (Indigo), all have ready made frames that you can purchase that are affordable to frame our prints yourself. Also your local framing shop can give you a variety of framing options and prices to work with. I find it's really easy to frame yourself for $40 and under. A framing shop will usually start at $80 and over frame and can quickly get in to triple digits, but then you do have the option to really customize your art to the room you are displaying it in.